WOTR wins nomination for the Best Climate Practices 2017

We are glad to share with you that our Initiative ‘Water Stewardship’ is shortlisted for the Best Climate Practices Award 2017, by International Centre for Climate Governance, Italy. Our initiative ‘Promoting Water-Stewardship for Water and Food Security in Semi-Arid Regions’ is nominated for the Award under the theme ‘Building local resilience to climate disaster risk’.  
Watershed Organization Trust, in collaboration with Hindustan Unilever Foundation, launched the Water Stewardship Initiative (WSI) in 106 villages of Maharashtra and Telangana with specific purpose to improve the level of water governance at local level. In context of changing climate, the WSI is focused on building capacities, skills and confidence of rural communities to promote water-use that is socially equitable, economically efficient, and environmentally sustainable. Use of water budgeting tool, preparing village level rules for water management, creating water harvesting potential are three of the main components of the WSI. WSI is focused on creating cadre of water-stewards in villages who understand their responsibility to manage groundwater in efficient, judicious and sustainable manner.

We appeal you to cast your online vote to our practice and encourage people in your network for the same.  

Please note online voting window is open until 26th July 2017.   
Please follow 5 simple steps to cast your vote to our practice,   1. Sign up at http://www.bestclimatepractices.org/signup-login/#login
2. Activate the Account by clicking the link sent on your registered email account 3. Log in at http://www.bestclimatepractices.org/signup-login/#login
4. Click http://www.bestclimatepractices.org/practices/building-local-resilience-to-climate-disaster-risk/ to vote our practice.   
5. For each of four criteria, you have to give score from 1 to 5 by clicking appropriate star in each row. Please note first star in a row is assigned score 1 and last star in the same row as score 5. 

To know more about the WSI, please click on following links,