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'थोड़ा तो सोचो'-'Think About It'

World Environment Day 2017 - A short film 'थोड़ा तो सोचो'-'Think About It'

World Environment Day

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Our respect for mother Earth and our environment is reflected through our personal choices and the decisions we make. We need to think and act upon ‘mindful consumer behaviour’. Let this ‘World Environment Day’ be a starting point to contemplate our behaviour and carry out necessary actions for the wellbeing of our planet and environment.
Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.
WOTR wishes the world Happy Environment Day 

Weathering Climate Change

“Weathering Climate Change” is a short film that describes WOTR’s Agro-Meteorology component of Climate Change Adaptation Project and some of the real-time ground experiences. This component combines locale-specific Met-advisories and Agro-advisories for timely weather information to help farmers plan their agricultural activities.

System of Crop Intensification (SCI)

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(Eng; 2.43 mins) 

This is a showcase of WOTR’s methodology of Adaptive Sustainable Agriculture: System of Crop Intensification. This method is based on extensive field research and experiments. Promotion of organic fertilisers and low external inputs ensures high productivity as well as soil health. The film shows the results of the first field trials.

Climate Change: Challenges

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(Eng; 5.04 mins)

Crispino Lobo, Managing Trustee, WOTR outlines the challenges of the new issue of Climate Change, that is confronting the people in rainfed regions of India, highlighting their vulnerability to erratic changes in climatic patterns and the effects in can have on these communities.